What Gaming Chair is used by Pewdiepie?

What gaming chair is used by pewdiepie

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Pewdiepie is the most famous YouTuber around in terms of subscribers. He has been recently famous for his fight off with the T-series for staying on top of Youtube. Pewdiepie has not been too shy to show off or advertise his merch to his alleged army of 9-year olds. And the army… well, it has grown stronger in recent times as the feud over T-series’s climb to the top began. Controversies aside, Pewdiepie’s popularity has grown in terms of his subscribers and he sits at about 108 million subscribers at the time of writing. In honor of this milestone, Clutch released a newer iteration of his signature chair in September 2019. (Here’s the video where it came in, btw. Timestamp 0:58)  So with that context in mind, how is the signature chair of his? Or to put it another way… What gaming chair is used by Pewdiepie ?

Pewdiepie uses a custom chair from the Throttle series by Clutch Chairz. The chair is named after him and the Brofist is his signature stamp sitting right in the middle of the back-rest. The one he’s currently using is a limited edition ‘100M LED’ RGB iteration of the normal Pewdiepie Gaming chair in honor of him reaching the 100 million subscriber milestone. The only difference between the older model and the new 100M model seems to be the addition of LED RGB and that ‘100M’ embroidered in gold on the front and the back.

But how is the chair? Let’s take a look at how the much self-advertised “Can you do this?!” chair actually does when it comes to comfort and ergonomics. And then we can address if there are any good alternatives to this chair and if they’re any good.


What Gaming Chair is used by Pewdiepie?

As mentioned above, the chair actually belongs to the Throttle series by Clutch Chairz which is an established name in the gaming chair industry. One might think that Pewdiepie, like some other YouTubers, might have sacrificed his ethics for the sake of getting a few bucks off his chair but as we’ll see soon enough, that doesn’t seem to be the case. Apparently, Pewdiepie communicated with the team at Clutch Chairz regarding what he looked for in a chair and the Pewdiepie gaming chair is what they came out with.


The PewDiePie Gaming Chair


Now let’s get down to the details of the gaming chair itself and what makes it so special for Pewds to love it.


The Arrival

As with most gaming chairs, the Pewdiepie gaming chair also arrives unassembled in a box. The parts of the chair are well-packed with high-quality styrofoam to keep the fragile elements from getting damaged in the delivery process. The box contains the relevant tools and screws to get the assembly out of the way quickly and smoothly.


The Base

The base of the chair is quite wide at a diameter of 70 cm. The base is rated to be able to withstand weights up to 2000 lbs! It’s made from aluminum which gives it both strength and a lighter feel than other heavier metals.

The base has a BIFMA tested class IV gas lift mechanism to lift the seat which enables you to adjust the height of your sitting position. This is good for people who want to slide under the top surface of their tables to have a better position in front of their set-up.

The trademark Easyglide castors as before have a coating of polyurethane on them which makes them safe for any surface and avoids marks.


The Seat

The stuffing in the seat is made with material that provides support but isn’t too firm for comfort, especially once you get into the chair a few times. The sides have steep bolsters which add to the comfort of the seat but that won’t limit you from having your legs crossed up on the seat thanks to the adjustable armrests.



The trademark Plateau 4D armrests on the chair are super customizable because of their 4 degrees of movement freedom. They can

  • Move up and down
  • Move back and forth
  • Move sideways
  • Rotate 10° inwards or outwards.

This degree of flexibility ensures a good platform that isn’t prone to digging into your arms and restricting blood flow. There’s plenty of space for your arms and your elbows shouldn’t feel left out of the comfort zone if you want to let them join. It also makes sure that your arms can be at level with your desktop. The sideways and rotation movement should free up a whole little realm of freedom when it comes to sitting postures.


The Back-rest

The backrest of the Pewdiepie gaming chair has that big Brofist stamp on it as if it were a mark of authentication. And with the new 100M model, you get a 100am stitched right around the neck pillow position and a bigger version stitched onto the back.

The size of this chair isn’t supposed to be universal and since it’s a custom chair from Pewdiepie, the height recommendation should hover around his height. Clutch has recommended this whole Throttle series for people with heights between 5’6″ to 6’3″ and weights anywhere from 170 up to 275 lbs with the max weight being 330 lbs.

The back is super comfortable with bolsters on either side that help kind of tuck you into the chair. The ‘dura-soft’ leather should live up to its name and provide the premium feel of PU while still being soft. The lumbar support pillow is made from the same material as the rest of the chair and so is the headrest so there’s no compromise on quality here. You get a good return on what you pay for.

The neck rest and the lumbar support pillow make all the difference when it comes to sitting in this chair. They make the experience of sitting in a chair seem like it’s designed specifically with human posture in mind. To both support and comfort.


Best Alternatives to Pewdiepie’s Gaming Chair:

Even though the Pewdiepie Gaming chair is a great option for a gaming chair, there are some alternatives present in the market that can be easily compared to it. Some of these include:

  • SECRETLAB Omega 2020
  • RAZER Iskur
  • SECRETLAB Titan 2020
  • NOBLECHAIRS Epic Real Leather
  • CORSAIR T2 Road warrior

We can look into a couple of these in detail here. Let’s go with the SECRETLAB Omega 2020, a popular choice among consumers and the new Razer Iskur.

Secret lab Omega 2020:

SECRETLAB is no new player in the game. They’ve been around for some time and they haven’t been low-key. They’ve made some great products that they are recognized for. The Omega and the Titan (which is pretty similar to the Omega except for the size range that it caters to) are a couple of such products.

In no way does that mean that they’re popular just because people want to jump on the bandwagon of a leading brand. The Omega is probably one of the best chairs that you can buy in the market at the moment. You can shell out much more but it may not get much better than this. Most notable gaming chairs hover around the price point of the Omega.


SoftWeave, PU, and Napa leather:

The first thing you might notice if you’re buying the Omega directly from SECRETLAB is the astounding variety. This can be a double-edged sword. Giving too many choices can easily prove more dissatisfying than just being straight forward but SECRETLAB won’t have any of that! They’ve got designs based on everything from Batman to Game of Thrones to Cyberpunk. And if you’re not interested in that stuff, you can get a simple, clean-looking design as well.

SECRETLAB has added their trademarked SoftWeave variations in the mix now as well which seem to be a big hit besides the PU and the Napa leather variations. The SoftWeave version is nowhere as water-resistant and some might like the feel of leather better than the soft cloth-like feeling of the SoftWeave but the SoftWeave is breathable so it shouldn’t tend to heat up as much as PU and Napa and make you feel sticky in the hot weather. It is also much more comfy.


The Arrival and Assembly:

Okay so starting with the arrival, the Omega comes in a big box and isn’t light either so be careful with chucking it about. The instructions that come in the box should be obvious and clear. Be careful not to touch the reclining lever in the process of assembly. The assembly is not that hard and although it would be a good idea to have someone help you while you put the upper part of the chair into the base, it shouldn’t be impossible to do it yourself unless you run into trouble with the alignment for the screws between the back-rest and the seat base.

Overall, you might be done with it in anywhere between half an hour and 90 minutes depending on past assembly experience.


The Seat and the Backrest:

Onto the actual chair itself, it’s been built with an eye for posture and ergonomics. The seat is made with ‘cold-cured foam mix’ which simply means it should both be comfortable as well as long-lasting. This type of foam is supposed to have strategically put air packets throughout the foam to improve the seat experience. And it works. The seat should feel firm and supportive at the same time. It doesn’t just sink like quick-sand memory foam.

The side bolsters are steep and solid which can make sitting in the chair with your legs curled up a problem. This is better addressed in the Titan where you can do this more easily.

The added neck and lumbar pillows are a great help yet the neck pillow isn’t adjustable so that’s not so great if you’re too far on the shorter or taller end of the height spectrum. The recommended height range is up to 5’11”. If you’re taller than that, you should look into the Titan which is pretty much the same thing but for bigger sizes.

The lumbar pillow is great and offers a lot of support while not being too soft. You could even go without using them and be greeted with the PU leather or soft comfy feel of the SoftWeave variation but using them should only add to the comfort and ergonomics of the chair.


Tilt and Recline:

The back is highly adjustable with a tilt-lock knob at the bottom of the seat and a reclining lever. The knob functions so that you can make the chair’s back loose so it can rock back and forth while the recline lever lets the chair go from vertical to horizontal. It’s bliss to be able to rock back into your chair and stretch out your back after a strenuous session on the computer.


The Armrests:

The armrests on this chair are very adjustable. They’re 4D so they can move in all four planes i.e

  • Up and down
  • Side to side
  • Back and forth
  • Rotate inwards or outwards

They’re not that padded so they might seem a bit hard to some but they should be fine unless they start digging into your arms. Since they’re so customizable though, they can assist sitting in the chair with your legs crossed by rotating the armrests outwards and moving them sideways to move them away from the center.

As for the base of the chair, there are PU castors that should slide over hard surfaces without resistance, and without leaving any slide marks so you can roll around without worrying about a trail. The base itself is aluminum and the recommended weight for the Omega is about 240 lbs.

So how is it overall?

 The Secretlab Omega is a popular gaming chair for good reasons. It’s designed with ergonomics and the human posture in mind and the added neck and lumbar pillows should help make the chair properly fantastic. The bolsters might be somewhat of a problem if you want to sit cross-legged on the chair and some people might have been happier with an adjustable neck pillow but as long as you’re within the suggested height and weight range, you should be golden.

The variety of the Omega’s outfits is also a great selling point especially the addition of the trademarked SoftWeave finish which should feel comfier than any chair you’ve sat on before.


Razer Iskur Gaming Chair

Razer is probably the last brand here that needs an introduction. They’re at the forefront of the gaming-peripherals industry with their gaming mice, keyboards and monitors, etc. The Razer Iskur is a new step for Razer. It’s the first gaming chair that the gaming giant has launched. And by the looks of it, Razer didn’t plan to under-serve. The Razer Iskur is a premium, ergonomic, and unique gaming chair despite it being a brand’s maiden gaming chair.

It’s around the same price point as other top-notch gaming chairs but it doesn’t seem weak against the competition. The Iskur is a big deal among gamers and it delivers to the hype that you might expect from a gaming name as big as Razer.


The Arrival and Assembly:

The Iskur is no snowflake. It comes in a big box and weighs around 66 lbs or 30 kgs. There’s a big card regarding the instructions of assembly in the box itself and the assembly process is not that different from the standard gaming chair assembly. The relevant tools come in the delivery box itself and there’s an assembly video on Razer’s Iskur web page. It is on the heavier side so you might want some help. Other than that, the assembly shouldn’t pose too much of a problem.

Once it’s assembled, the Razer Iskur doesn’t disappoint with it’s looks. It’s the same distinct black and green mixture that Razer always features with its other gaming peripherals. Most of the chair is black PVC lest her with a resin coating on top with the green accent visible at the borders and the logos. There’s the Viper symbol just behind your neck, a “For Gamers. By Gamers.” mantra inscribed in the front of the seat, and the Razer logo on the neck pillow and the black. It’s not in-your-face marketing logos since it isn’t all that conspicuous when you’re sitting in the chair itself. Rather it’s sleek and subtle enough for the chair to slide into the home/office environment easily.


The seat and the backrest:

Onto the actual seat itself. This is where the magic happens. And the magic’s firm. Real firm. Okay, not that firm but the quality of the material used in this gaming chair is obviously quite good. It’s quite dense and firm yet comfortable and the firmness of the material doesn’t just disappear. The high-density foam cushions are supposed to develop a subtle contour interacting with your body weight’s pressure. As for practical results, even after weeks of use, there seem to be no deformations in the seat itself although the upper resin layer of the snake-skin design can be worn down a bit. The covering on top is a layer of resin for added shine which can be expected to be somewhat prone to dulling. Under that, you have a multi-layer PVC leather. As for the PVC leather itself, Razer has made a divergent move not going with PU leather which is usually the material that gaming chairs go for. According to Razer, the PVC multi-layer leather should be more tough and durable against wear and tear compared to the standard PU.

As might be expected, Razer has not compromised on the quality of the material in this chair.

On to the backrest. This is where we see some actual novelty in the chair. The Razer Iskur doesn’t come with a separate or even a strapped-on adjustable lumbar pillow. It has a separate, conspicuous built-in lumbar curve in the backrest that is not only shaped ergonomically to greet you as you recline but opens up. Yes, IT OPENS. The lower part of this lumbar support piece shoots forward (if no one’s sitting in front of it) while the upper part stays hinged. This way, this unique little piece of lumbar support closely aligns with the natural curvature of the spine which helps maintain or develop good seating posture.

As for the neck pillow, Razer has gone with a high density “yet malleable” memory foam neck pillow that is supposed to contour to the shape of your nape. But there isn’t any height adjustment accommodation in the back-rest so as long as you’re in the recommended height range of 5’6″ to 6’2″, you shouldn’t run into any problems.


Tilt and Recline:

As with most top-notch gaming chairs, the Razer Iskur does not take away the joy of spinning around in your fancy gaming chair. Nor does it take your right to rock back and forth, something craved for after a stressful gaming session. For that, you have a tilt-tension knob under the seat of the chair. It has a reclining back-rest that can go as far back as almost 140°. The base of the chair is steel-reinforced for extra strength and the chair is rated for weights up to about 300 lbs.


The Armrests:

As expected, the armrests on the Razer are 4D adjustable so they can move

  • Up and down
  • Left and right
  • Back and forth
  • Rotate inwards or outwards

The adjustable armrests are also steel reinforced so just in case you fancy sitting on a fancy armrest rather than the actual chair, you should be covered against the armrest giving out underneath you. Since these armrests are movable, they should help in letting you sit on the chair with your legs curled up. The bolsters shouldn’t be too far in for them to be an obstruction.


So how is it overall?

Overall, the Razer Iskur stands up to the hype of a gaming giant launching their maiden gaming chair. The material used shows no signs of Razer using low-grade material. Everything should feel premium and durable especially the unique PVC leather used in the covering. The seat is nice and firm and it’s no surprise that it should be rated for 300 lbs considering how dense that foam cushion feels. As for the novel lumbar curve, it’s a great addition to the chair which makes it stand out from the completion. And if you’ve got the money to spend, you don’t need to fear buyer’s remorse if you spend it on this icy cool chair.

Budget-friendly Alternatives:

Having discussed the more premium options, let’s take a look at the chairs you can get even if you’re on a tighter budget.

  • Homall H001
  • OFM Essentials racing chair



GTRACING (or GTPlayer) has been around since 2011, launching its line of gaming chairs around 2013. They’ve had some time in the market and they’ve been quite successful especially at the lower end of the budget spectrum. The GT099 is the top-selling ‘video gaming chair’ on Amazon and rightly so. It’s a great mix of functionality and low pricing.

The GT099 comes in a few color variations with different prices. The Red version is the one at the top of the best-sellers on Amazon. It costs less than the other versions such as the Black variation.


The Assembly

The GT099 Red isn’t a small chair. It can be anywhere between 16.9″-20.9″ tall when it has been assembled depending on the height adjustment (yes it features height adjustment). So it does come in an appropriately sized box. It’s on the lighter end of the weight spectrum weighing just around 50 lbs. Compare that to the SECRETLAB Titan’s 77 lbs and you get some idea of how much lighter this chair is. But don’t think that comes with cut-backs in the foam quality.

Overall the assembly can take you anywhere between 30 minutes and above depending on previous assembly experience. And since it’s not that heavy, it’s easier to assemble this chair all on your own compared to other gaming chairs. Just hope you don’t have any problems in connecting the backrest to the seat since that’s just one step away from getting raggedy with it and tearing some out-the-box fresh PU leather.


The Seat

Starting with the obvious, the seat is quite comfortable without leaving much to be asked for. That is… unless you weigh more than 200 lbs. On which point you might wish for a bit more padding. The seat is designed well with the ergonomic design and the added neck and lumbar pillows not leaving a lot to be asked for. Excluding the bolsters, the actual seating area is about 16″ wide and with the bolsters included you have about 21″ of sitting area so you can sit with your knees curled up in the chair with the armrests turned outwards (yes, they rotate).

The backrest is tall enough to accommodate people in the recommended height spectrum i.e 5’4″-6’1″. It is comfortable and the adjustable pillows add to a comfortable experience.

As for the pillows themselves, they’re not cheap gimmicks and really do help in providing a more comfortable and ergonomic seating experience. Unlike the Omega, both the neck and the lumbar pillows are attached with straps onto the chair so they’re height adjustable which should be bliss for people both on the lower and higher end of the height spectrum since they’re more likely to want more adjustability in height customization.


Swivel, Tilt, and Recline:

The base allows swiveling so you can play around if you’re into that. The chair can also tilt so you can rock in it and there’s a reclining lever on the right side that allows the backrest to go from vertical to about 170°. And even at that angle, the stability of the chair doesn’t give out and you can try napping in it after a strenuous session. Add to that, the tilt facility and you might experience something like a bouncy bed experience.

Some people might experience a little squeaky sound when getting into or out of the chair especially when the tilt tension is loose so that might be one little caveat that you may solve by some oiling but otherwise the chair’s reclining and tilting functions should work smoothly.


The Armrests

The armrests on this chair are also 3D adjustable so you can move them which allows movements:

  • Up and down
  • Back and forth
  • Rotate inwards or outwards

In comparison to 4D armrests, the 3D armrests only disclude the movement in the left and right plane which might be a problem for people with narrower or wider arm spans. But the inwards and outwards rotation of the armrests should help in making the armrests more comfortable and ergonomic.


The Base

The chair is rated for weights up to 240 lbs and the height is also adjustable from 15.9″ to 20.9″, almost half a foot of leg lift. For anyone between the recommended height spectrum of 5’4″-6’1″, the height adjustment should cater to their needs but go any lower and you might need a footrest.


So how is it overall?

Overall this chair combines very low prices with a lot of functionality. The seat might seem kind of lacking at first glance but if you’re south of 200 lbs, you should be just fine. The tilt and reclining functions work quite well which should be great for people that like to lay back and rock in their chairs a little bit. The armrests don’t move sideways but at this price, the 3D movement is more than acceptable.

If you’re on a tight budget, this best-seller is tried and tested to be able to cater to your needs bringing great looks and an ergonomic design to the table (or chair, if that’s more appropriate).



As far as “What Gaming Chair is used by Pewdiepie” goes, Pewdiepie uses the relatively new 100M LED RGB iteration of his trademark Pewdiepie edition, Throttle series chair by Clutch Chairz which made its introduction on the 18th September of last year. There isn’t much difference between this one and the last one except that it has RGB and of course, has 100M stitched on the front and the back. It’s a great chair, is super-customizable, and is a great way to support Pewdiepie.

There are, however, great alternatives to this chair out there. One of which is the SECRETLAB Omega 2020, the younger sibling of the Titan and Titan XL.

As for the Razer Iskur, this brand-maiden chair is a premium and unique chair worthy of a place among the high ranks.

And if you’re looking for something more budget-friendly, the Amazon best-seller GTRACING GT099 Red is a great pick from their popular Pro series with great features especially considering its price.

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