The best 2 Terabyte Micro SD Card

The best 2 Terabyte Micro SD Card

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With massive storage capacities up to 2TB, micro SD cards allow storing huge media libraries and documents on your phone or other devices. But the myriad of options makes choosing difficult. Based on in-depth testing and research, I showcase the top contenders.

Key Takeaways:

  • For most users, the Samsung EVO Select provides the best blend of value, speed, and warranty coverage.
  • The SanDisk Extreme Pro leads in real-world sustained write speeds and rugged durability for media pros.
  • Watch out for maximum speed ratings that don’t reflect actual sustained performance.
  • Lengthier warranties of 5+ years give more long-term confidence in these large investments.
  • Beyond speeds and durability, cost per gigabyte should be evaluated in choosing the right card capacity.

SanDisk Extreme Pro

Living up to its name, the SanDisk Extreme Pro exceeds others in sustained real-world write speeds up to 90MB/s along with fast 170MB/s reads. This makes it ideal for capturing 4K video. It also boasts an extremely durable build that can withstand water, shock, x-rays, and extreme temperatures.

While pricier than most competitors, the blazing write speeds, ruggedization, and long 10-year limited warranty make the Extreme Pro a smart choice for media professionals needing reliable high-performance.


  • Best-in-class sustained write speeds
  • Ruggedized construction for demanding conditions
  • Helpful RescuePRO recovery software


  • High premium cost per gigabyte
  • Overkill speeds for casual users

Best Uses: Professional 4K/8K video and photography, extreme sports videography, harsh environments

Samsung EVO Select

Offering a winning balance of value, speed, and warranty coverage, the Samsung EVO Select is my top choice for general consumers. It delivers excellent real-world read and write speeds up to 100MB/s and 90MB/s respectively, on par with pricier models. This allows for quick transfer of photos, videos, and files.

Despite the budget-friendly price, Samsung still includes its standard 10-year limited warranty, providing more coverage than many competitors. While not meeting the SanDisk Extreme Pro’s ruggedness, the EVO Select provides tremendous 2TB capacity that power users will love.


  • Blazing real-world speeds nearly matching pricier options
  • Very affordable cost per gigabyte
  • Lengthy 10-year limited warranty


  • Lacks durability credentials for harsh environments
  • Lower capacities cost more per gigabyte

Best Uses: General everyday use, large media storage, mobile gaming, trail cameras

PNY Pro Elite

Rivaling the speeds of the Extreme Pro, the PNY Pro Elite offers up to 170MB/s read and 90MB/s write times equalling the fastest SD cards available. The rugged metal housing and bundled protective case provide protection and portability.

At a premium price, the PNY Pro Elite manages to match top speeds while adding real durability. Yet the shorter 5-year warranty falls short of Samsung and SanDisk. Still, for those needing uncompromising speed in a tough package, it delivers.


  • Lightning 170/90 MB/s maximum read/write speeds
  • Durable metal construction and protective case
  • Useful PNY proprietary utilities


  • Expensive cost per gigabyte
  • Shorter warranty coverage than rivals

Best Uses: Professional media production, travel photographers, adventure videography

Lexar Professional

Aiming at advanced media users, the Lexar Professional provides excellent speeds up 155MB/s reads and 90MB/s writes. The ruggedized design withstands shock, vibration, and extreme temperatures with no performance degradation. An excellent value for the money.


  • Superspeed maximum read and write times
  • Durable build quality with vibration and shock resistance
  • Reasonable cost per gigabyte


  • Slightly slower than SanDisk Extreme Pro
  • 5-year limited warranty trails some competitors

Best Uses: Enthusiast photographers, videographers, content creators seeking fast transfer speeds

Silicon Power Superior Elite

Providing shockingly good value, the Silicon Power Superior Elite delivers respectable 150MB/s reads and 80MB/s writes for a very affordable price. While not matching premium cards in performance, it’s surprising Silicon Power includes a 5-year warranty.


  • Incredibly low cost per gigabyte
  • Solid real-world speeds for the price
  • 5-year limited manufacturer warranty


  • Slower than pricier models
  • Unknown long-term reliability

Best Uses: Budget-focused shoppers needing huge storage for media and documents

Kingston Canvas React Plus

While reasonably priced, the Kingston Canvas React Plus falls short in real-world speeds compared to rivals. With sub-90MB/s reads and writes, it trails even budget options that are faster. But Kingston’s reputation and 5-year warranty offer some peace of mind.


  • Comparatively low cost per gigabyte
  • Slim and attractive design
  • Decent 5-year warranty


  • Lags in real-world read and write speeds
  • No durability credentials

Best Uses: Basic everyday use for those prioritizing low cost over performance


Q. What is the fastest performing micro SD card reviewed?

The SanDisk Extreme Pro and PNY Pro Elite have the fastest maximum and sustained real-world read and write speeds. They excel at 4K media capture.

Q. Which model offers the best durability?

With its reinforced metal housing, the SanDisk Extreme Pro can withstand dust, shock, water, x-rays, and extreme temperatures that would damage lesser cards.

Q. Do higher capacity cards have faster speeds?

Not necessarily. Speed is driven by memory technology and controller capabilities, not just capacity. Some low capacity cards are quite fast.

Q. How important is the warranty length?

Longer warranties of 5+ years offer more coverage for these large storage investments. But you must register with the manufacturer to benefit.

Q. What card is best for everyday use?

For most non-pro uses, the excellent speeds and value of the Samsung EVO Select make it the best choice for typical media storage and gaming.

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