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Good graphics cards and that too the ones that fall under a low budget can be tough to find. Everyone
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Playing games at 4K demands a proper high-end configuration to maintain the acceptable frame rates (FPS). Without the right hardware,
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Going out to shop for a gaming laptop under a specific budget, and not knowing all the options you can
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    Blankets are good for beating the cold and enjoying a sound sleep, but not always, as some times
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Buying a wrong electric can opener for your kitchen can not only put you and your family at risk, but


At No Fluff Tech, we are dedicated to delivering you the latest in Technology and Gadgets reviews, news, buyer guides, how-to guides with an absolute absence of the fluff, that you encounter all over the Internet. Our job is to help you know what is best for you while keeping it straight and to the point so you are able to make your buying decisions and improve your understanding and learning without a hassle.

Here are some of the categories we generally post about…

Computers and Laptops

We cover everything from the latest developments in what’s trending and what’s new in the industry, to helping you make your purchasing decisions based on well researched and in-depth details while keeping them free of everything that comes under the unnecessary fluff.

Latest in Computers and Laptops

If you are looking to buy a new wireless gaming mouse or a keyboard, and feel puzzled by the amount
Best Electric Skateboards under 500 - under 1000 - noflufutech
Technology has been changing lives, and everything we were used to doing in a particular way when growing up seems
Best Graphics Card under 100 - noflufftech
Good graphics cards and that too the ones that fall under a low budget can be tough to find. Everyone


Looking to buy your next camera, while on a specific budget? Or need a camera for a specific task and requirement? We got you covered with our reviews, comparisons, and guides on the best and latest cameras that fit the exact requirement which you are looking for.

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Home and Kitchen Gadgets

Time to buy that new gadget that helps you with your daily cooking or cleaning chores in the kitchen? Or looking for specific items that fit a certain budget or help you accomplish a certain task in the best efficient and cost-effective way? Or simply looking for the best in the category? We have it all in the Home and Kitchen Gadgets Category.

Latest in Home and Kitchen Gadgets

A fireplace makes your living room romantic and warm. On top of bringing the heat you need in your room,
Hand held vacuum cleaners
Handheld Vacuum cleaners have been around for a long time, and though it generally comes down to personal preference and

Health and Hygiene Gadgets

Gadgets and self-grooming and health go hand in hand. There is a multitude of products and gadgets out there that help you look and stay at your best. We review these gadgets that help you accomplish the exact look or fitness goals which you are looking for while covering all budget options, and most efficient and the best in the category gadgets.

Latest in Health and Hygiene Gadgets

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