How to Check How Many Hours You Have Played League of Legends

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Finding out how much time you have spent playing League of Legends can be a bit tricky because Riot doesn’t really offer a direct way of figuring that out. The only way, for now, is to do it through some third-party websites or apps, and here we are going to discuss one of them which makes it easy. But guess what, this way you are not only able to find the time you have spent yourself, but also the time spent by any other player. Nice to keep tabs on your friends eh?

Not to forget, this is not limited to League of Legends. Other games from Riot are also lacking on a time tracker, which includes games like: Legends of Runeterra, Teamfight Tactics, and the newest of them called Valorant.


Anyways, without wasting any more time, let’s dive straight into finding your time spent playing League of Legends.

So How to See How Many Hours You Have Spent on League of Legends?

How much time i have spent on league of legends



Now, most of us might not realize but we do end up playing LoL for hundreds of hours in a week and your overall played time might even be in thousands of hours, depending on how much you have been playing.
To find out how much time you or anyone else has spent on League of Legends, we will be using a simple tool called Wasted on League.
So here are a few quick steps you have to follow to find out the actual time you might have played League of Legends.

1) Move on to
2) Once there, you want to enter your summoner’s name.
3) The next thing you have to do is select your region to identify the sever where your account is based.
4) Then click “How Much Time I Wasted on League of Legends”.

Ta da da…
You got your hours listed right there.

This tool also works for Teamfight Tactics as it shares the same launcher used by League of Legends. But since, Valorant and Legends of Runeterra are not sharing the same launchers so you won’t be able to use this tool for identifying time spent in those games.

Now while this tool shows how much time you ended up wasting on League of Legends, it also shows other things you could have done with the same amount of time. Like how many books you could have read, movies that you could have watched, or how far you might have gone if you were walking for this amount of time.
There is also a ranking-based leaderboard that helps you see which summoner has spent more time than you or who has spent the most of time from their life playing this game.

Remember, you can use the same steps to track your friend’s time.

How much time playing league

Shhhhh, parents can also find out how much time you have been wasting on a game. But we’ll just keep our lips closed about that 😉

That said, happy gaming summoner. See you on the summoner’s pit.

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