Einthusan Alternatives: 12 Sites for Streaming Free Movies & TV Shows

Enthuisan Alternatives

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Einthusan is considered the most famous south Indian streaming content platform, delivering videos in high-quality and 4k format. The site offers all the latest and famous movies and content of the south Indian industry. The website claims to have all the legalized content, but it is in the gray area. That’s why you may find it difficult to open and use the website in few countries. Most of the time, regional ISPs block the site because of illegal or pirated content on the website.

If you are facing difficulty in opening Einthusan in your area, three are some legit and useful alternatives that will provide you with the high-quality videos and full movie collection which brought you to come to Einthusan in the first place. You can have guilty free excitement and entertainment to watch your favorite movies on these legal websites.


12 Best Einthusan Alternatives


1. YuppFlix

This website is an ultimate substitute for Einthusan. This website can be opened in more than 50 countries, and you don’t have to worry about illegal content. There are various distinctions of this website than the rest of the alternatives. You get more than 3000 different movies on this website. Movies can be played in 9 different languages. There is an option for English subtitles. The free three-day trial allows you to watch all of your favorite movies nonstop. For ultimate access, you will have to subscribe to the website. The categories and high-quality movies make you keep the website on your mind all the time when you want to have an Einthusan substitute.


2. YuppTV

Register yourself through a mobile number and put the OTP to get 90 days of free access to the content available on the website. In the list of Einthusan substitutes, YuppTV is undoubtedly the most significant rival.  All the movie categories, TV shows, and series are almost the same as Einthusan.

You don’t have to worry about the gray area or illegal content when using this website. The movies and TV shows are in high-quality format, and you don’t have to worry about getting errors while opening the website or watching movies. The subscription fee is justified after 90 days because of the high-quality content in different categories.


3. YouTube

YouTube is not only your ultimate platform for discovering helpful guides for solutions to all the problems. And apart from all the general entertainment videos, you can find there, you’ll be surprised at how many full-length movies you can discover. There are various channels on this platform that offer more than trailers and movie clips. You can watch full movies on the channels that offer legal streaming of full movies in your favorite category.

If you couldn’t get any luck on Einthusan, try finding the movie on YouTube. You will be surprised to see full-length movies available to watch legally. Various channels offer movies in the native language, and you also get the dubbed version of full movies at your disposal without any subscription fee at all. All you need is to bear ads in some videos; otherwise, there is no catch at all.


4. SonyLiv

You can watch all the movies owned by Sony on this website, and it has a huge collection of these movies. You have to pay a subscription fee to access the entire stock of movies on the platform. But there is a free section that offers you a massive collection of the latest and all-time favorite movies. When you complete this site with Einthusan, you will get more movies in high-quality format than the counterpart.

This platform can be opened anywhere in the world without any issue. All the movies are legal, and there is no fear of piracy while enjoying your favorite movies in Hindi, Telugu, or Kannada.


5. Hotstar

One of the top-rated movie platforms worldwide offers you the ultimate collection of Indian and south Indian collections. The service is free, and you can watch all of your favorite movies in different languages. This platform is piracy-free, and you don’t have to worry about any error or ISP-related issues.

You get an app and website to use the platform on your mobile (android or Apple) and computer, respectively. You get all the latest movies and famous previous movies in different categories in the language of your choice. You can binge your favorite movies any place, and anywhere you want.


6. Netflix

The most famous website worldwide that is providing you with the largest collection of movies, series, and TV shows also stands in the list of Einthusan substitutes. You get all the latest English movies in Hindi. And there is a great collection of south Indian movies which is available in more than one language. The video quality surpasses all the other websites available on the list.

Netflix is a paid platform that charges you a subscription fee for five different screens to watch the movies of your choice. But this generous platform also offers you a one-month free trial, which allows you to access top-rated movies without any fee. After one month, you will have to pay the subscription fee, which doesn’t look much compared to the categories, movies, and video quality.


7. BigFlix

Another flix is BigFlix which is a great substitute for Einthusan. If you are interested in watching south Indian movies, this dedicated website offers you the ultimate collection of all the latest and all-time favorite movies of various categories. Finding a movie on BigFlix is like a piece of cake. Type the movie’s name in the search bar and get the link to the favorite movie for live streaming.

There are two different subscription plans for users to watch movies. First is the free plan, which offers you a huge collection of the most anticipated movies. And if you want to go for a paid subscription, you will get one month of free unlimited video access for the subscription of a single month.


8. Hungama Movies

A complete alternative to Einthusan offers you just more than regional movies. If you are a fan of Bollywood songs, there is a list of top albums, playlists, and any song of your choice. You can play and download songs from your favorite movie.

The platform offers podcasts, shot movie trailers, TV shows, and many more. When you want to watch regional movies in a different language, this is just the right place for you to come. The website only shows the free users the first 10 minutes of the movie. But you can have one month free trial on the app where you can watch movies of your choice for 30 days. According to the users, the subscription fee is way less than the nexus of the data you receive later.


9. Airtel Xtreme

If you are in India and have an active Airtel number, you are in for a treat of a lifetime. You get the chance to watch more than 10,000 movies in 14 different languages. Hollywood, Bollywood, and all the regional movies and TV shows are available for the users. If you want ultimate access to the database, you will have to pay some money which is justified with the service and resources.

The app’s interface is quite engaging, and people love the service and speed they get for their movies on the app or website.


10. Amazon Prime Video

You don’t need to get some background information on Amazon. This retail giant has involved itself in various industries. And if you are looking for an Einthusan substitute, you are in for a treat. The great collection of all the Bollywood and Tamil movies will make you say wow. All the movies are legal and legit as the giant cannot compromise on its reputation.

For under $6 a month, you can have access to an unlimited movie collection available on the platform. If you are looking for a free Einthusan substitute, you can also enjoy the privilege of one month trial period that will let you watch all of your favorite Bollywood and Tamil movies for free.


11. ErosNow

The biggest entertainment provides in India offers the user worldwide with 100 percent legal content and legit content. The entertainment giant has undoubtedly the largest regional movies collection on their website. It is a paid platform that allows you to watch and download almost all regional movies in any language of your choice. There is a subscription fee that makes you able to watch movies of your choice regardless of the country you are in.

ErosNow stands tall in the list of Einthusan substitutes, and it also offers a 14-day free trial to allow you access to the ultimate collection for free.


12. Spuul

Over-the-top (OTT) services of this platform make it the final option for the people looking for Einthusan. When nothing works out for you, this platform will make you fall in love with the interface, performance, features, and collection of the movies of your choice in all the different languages you can think of.

You don’t have to worry about the legitimacy of the content on this website. The legal content in the high-quality video will show you favorite movies, dramas, and live channels of south Asian countries.


Over to you

There are various options available for you to open any of the websites anywhere you want. If you like the collection of regional movies available on the sites and you think that it is a perfect substitute for Einthusan, you can buy the subscription. But if you want to watch free movies, all the 12 websites will definitely offer you a minimum of one month of free streaming of Hindi and Tamil movies in high-quality format and various languages. And the most important thing is that all the websites offer you legal content, so feel free to browse and enjoy your favorite movies for free.


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