What is a DSLR Camera?

What is a DSLR Camera

Professional photographers all around the world love to use the standardized version of the camera, which is called a DSLR camera. There are various features, options, and accessories that allow them to take the high-quality image and replicate the real-life event (in most cases, better than real). Almost everyone might have seen, used, or heard …

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What is a Mirrorless Camera?

What is a Mirrorless Camera - Noflufftech

The name mirrorless means that it doesn’t have the mirror you find in the DSLR structure to view and take pictures. To understand mirrorless technology, you will have to grasp the mirrored counterpart of this product. The DSLR is also called a mirrored camera as it works through the Digital Single Lens Reflex process. There …

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Best Low Light Camera

  If you are thinking of buying a camera for low light photography, and if you’re not aware of all the best options that you can avail, you might end up buying some thing that is pretty far from your expectations. Whether you’re taking self-portraits with your cell phone or capturing a panorama on a …

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Best Digital Camera under $300

Best Digital Camera under 300 - NoFluffTech

Buying a new camera is always a hard decision and requires a lot of research or good advice from the peers with the right knowledge. Even more so, when looking for buying the best digital camera under $300. It’s definitely about striking that right balance between quality and price. Making the megapixels, options for zoom, HD …

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