Best Point and Shoot Camera Under $300

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As the technology keeps evolving, so do the prices keep coming down. There is a vast difference in the kind of technology we could afford ten years back, and the kind of technology we can now.

Cameras have also seen a steady evolution through the decades, and what only a camera costing beyond $1000 could achieve back in the days, can easily be replicated by much cheaper cameras.

With budget cameras in mind, we decided to do a series of guides to discover and list the best cameras in a specific budget category. The best point and shoot camera under $200 guide saw some nice cameras fitting within the budget, and we tried to find the best camera for almost all kinds of photography requirements. Here, we are going to do the same and pick out the best of the best point and shoot cameras that fall under $300.

So let’s jump straight to the list, and find out what kind of cameras get to make into the list.


Best point and shoot camera under $300


Canon PowerShot SX720 – Best of them all

Canon PowerShot SX720 HS (Black)

This Canon Powershot SX720 HS Camera falls right below $300 mark and comes with a large 3-inch LCD display which helps you take great shots at wider angles. While also coming with the capability of recording Full HD 1080p videos at 60 frames per second. Then there’s the Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity to let you share your masterpieces within seconds of capturing.

It also comes with an Optical Zoom up to 40x, with an Intelligent Image Stabilization to make sure you get the right shot even when fully zoomed in on a subject hundreds of meters away or more. Thus making it an ideal companion for outdoor photography, and carrying along on scenic or close to wildlife adventures.

The imaging sensor is a 20.3 Mega Pixels CMOS with DIGIC 6 image processing. Which results in stunning photos regardless of the lighting conditions they were taken in.

With all the things combined, this Camera easily steals the crown for the best point and shoot camera under 300 mark.

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Nikon Coolpix L340 – Best for novice photographers

Nikon Coolpix L340 20.2MP Digital Camera with 28x Optical Zoom

This camera not only falls under the $300 budget line, but even goes below the $200 mark, and hence is an ideal candidate for the novice users who want to jump into photography but might need a low budget camera to begin with.

But let’s not let the low budget thing fool you into doubting its capabilities. It comes with a 20.2 Mega Pixels Sensor with optical zooming capability up to 28x and 56x Dynamic Zoom. You can record 720p HD videos, while the camera is pretty light in weight and also brings the image stabilization to the table.

Thus making it an excellent contender for the beginner photographer.

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Canon Power Shot SX540HS – Best Optical Zoom 

Ritz Camera Canon PowerShot SX540 HS with 50x Optical Zoom and Built-In Wi-Fi, Polaroid 32 GB Memory Card, Tripod, Spare Battery, Camera Bag and Accessory Bundle

This Camera brings 50x Optical Zooming capabilities within $300 range. While the 20.3 Mega Pixels CMOS sensor with a DIGIC 6 image processor, coupled with Optical Image Stabilization ensures steady and outstanding photography in all lighting conditions.

Connectivity options include Wi-Fi and NFC, allowing you to share your photos with friends and family without any delays. The onboard 3 inch LCD display can be seen from very wide angles, which helps in taking shots in all kinds of situations, while the Zoom Framing Assist function helps very accurate recognition of objects to be photographed.

There’s also the Hybrid Auto feature which lets you record  4 seconds of video before taking a still shot, which then is mixed with the photo to bring the still images to life.

It also brings a Story Highlights feature, which lets you display a series of images or videos with background music, thus helping you showcase your skills. Which is even more useful when trying to tell a story through the still images and videos on special occasions or gatherings.

Everything combined, this camera is excellent for capturing great memories and emotions attached to each shot, thus making it one of the top recommended among the best point and shoot cameras under $300.

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Sony DSCH300/B 

Sony DSCH300/B Digital Camera (Black) Bundle with High Speed 16GB High Speed Card, SD Card Reader, Table Top Tripod, Padded Case, Lens Cleaning Kit

We didn’t want to miss sony out of the loop, and the DSCH300/B is an excellent camera to be part of this list. Coming with an image stabilized 20.1 Mega Pixels sensor with 35x optical zoom, and a 3-inch screen helping you take great shots from a variety of angles. However, it does not include an option for external memory cards, though that is what helps keep it super lightweight for ease of portability.

If pocket-friendly point and shoot camera is your need that falls even below $200 range, then this is an excellent option to consider. Though you may notice a shortage of overall bells and whistles on it when compared to the other contenders on the list. But if you need a simple and practical camera that fits your pocket and is excellent for regular photography needs, then look no further.

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Olympus TG-870 – Best Waterproof Camera 

Olympus TG-870 Tough Waterproof 16MP Green Digital Camera (Certified Refurbished)

This Camera brings waterproofing capability down to 50 feet, shockproofing up to 7 feet, crush proofing up to 220 pounds, and freezeproofing up to 14 Fahrenheit. Thus making it an amazing contender on the list for this price point.

It carries a 21mm ultra wide angle lens with the ability for 5x optical zooming. Then there’s Wi-Fi and GPS connectivity, not only to aid in sharing of your pictures but enabling the adventure side of landscape photography.

If you are a travel bug and love going on those camping, hiking, mountain climbing, and other adventurous outings. This camera has you all covered to help you take the best shots in all situations and light conditions. Did we also mention, its super lightweight and easy to carry around?

Everything combined we can easily call it the best point and shoot camera under 300 for adventurers.

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Buying a new camera is definitely a tough decision to make, and the number of models and brands out there doesn’t help make it easy either. But as long as you know the kind of photography needs you are going to be bringing to the table, we hope our list got you covered.

Feel free to drop comments and help us know your views and thoughts to improve this guide over time and make it perfect for anyone seeking a camera below the $300 budget range.