The Best Electric Skateboards

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Technology has been changing lives, and everything we were used to doing in a particular way when growing up seems to be changing.  The Electric skateboard is one result of this evolution, making the skateboarding not only a more fun but also a more productive activity and means of commuting. The increase in skateboard companies has increased the number of skateboards in the market each of them trying to have an outstanding product to attract more customers. The increase in the variety of skateboards in the market has made it quite challenging for the buyer to make a choice. This is why we come up with the very best electric skateboards to make your search easy.


E-Glide GT Powerboard Aluminum

The E-Glide GT Powerboard Aluminum is among the best skateboards a professional should consider with the highest speed.  It features the high speed of 23 mph, a range of 15 miles and a charge time of four to five hours. The skateboard is sturdy, and it can accelerate with good speed and ease on extreme and uphill terrains. Old time riders and professionals can appreciate this since it enhances their playtime and performance. The acceleration capacity on the skateboard ensures that you have a smooth ride even on bumpy an uneven roads. The electronics in this device have European quality which helps the off-road capacity to work with less falter.

Another feature that distinguishes the skateboard is the design. They are built lower making it more stable when riding. Riders who enjoy cruising and doing tricks with the skateboard will find it a perfect choice. New riders, as well as professional riders, will find fun with the skateboard. Their wheels resemble those of motorcycles and cars which are more specialized wheels. The rugged wheel surface makes it easier for the rider to run through rough surfaces more easily.


Yuneec E-Go 2

Yuneec E-Go 2 is an upgrade version of a skateboard by Yuneec, and it looks much better compared to the first version. It comes in three diverse colors to choose from which are hot pink, deep mint, and royal wave. The skateboard features such an excellent performance yet at a very fair price. The retail price is low while the range of the longboard is quite decent. It weighs 14lb, and this makes it a lightweight skateboard and an excellent choice for a lighter and smaller rider who does not need to go so fast.

One thing that makes this skateboard to stand out is the kicktail shape on the back head. It has a wider and blunt tip that helps one to have more control and maneuver or steer it more efficiently. The ergonomic design of the skateboard makes it suitable for long time and professional riders that prefer to have more complicated maneuvers with their boards. New riders however also can use the product more comfortably since it helps them to have more control. Some riders have found it hard to use the skateboard in bumpy surfaces, but the performance on smooth surfaces is topnotch.



Boosted Dual +200 W Electric Skateboard

This skateboard is powered with 2000 warts of dual drive and is controlled with Bluetooth technology. The dual drive makes sure that the riders are safe when going downhill and helps them for uphill activities. The skateboard is customized to go for 7 miles at a 22mph speed and thus suitable for students. Apart from the speed that is so impressive is the belt drive mechanism. This mechanism affects the acceleration and the brakes performance giving you a great experience in slope riding.

The skateboard has some slope features, but it performs best when used as transportation or for cruising. The braking system is regenerative thus allowing the riders to save more battery, especially when using it for leisure or when going for long distances.   Any rider can use the skateboard irrespective of whether they are new riders or professional riders. The adjustable ride modes featured in the skateboard, support different riders with different characteristics and skills. The charging time is 1 hour for 7 miles which is quite reasonable. However, riders that use skateboards for traveling will prefer one that has a more extended range on a single charge. The battery, on the other hand, cannot be charged with a spare battery when it gets finished thus been one of its downsides.


Acton Blink Lite

Acton’s Blink Series was among the first companies to introduce electric skateboards, and it focuses on compact transportation and wearable technology. The skateboard is said to be among the lightest skateboards with Bluetooth control. It weighs 7.7lbs, and it is much shorter compared to other electric skateboards and is a perfect choice for riders that love to play tricks on their boards. Apart from the playful maneuvers, you can use the skateboard for regular transportation and cruising. The skateboard has a hub motor directly build to the wheel of the board that gives it 10 mph and a range of 5 miles. It, however, features a regenerative brake that saves battery since it slows down the energy usage. You can also use the skateboard like the traditional type when the battery gets drained.

Mobile application and Bluetooth remote control power the control of the skateboard. The mobile connectivity and remote capability transform the board into a smart device. Savvy tech riders find these features more fun. Those shifting from unpowered skateboards need to go through the guide and do some practice since it can be a little challenging to familiarize with how it works. While the mobile application may be useful for tracking the routes you have taken and keeping your memorable experiences, it is hard to learn thus making it more of a hassle.


Inboard M1

Inboard M1 is a good skateboard for avid skaters who want an electric help in their daily grind. The skateboard is made with the idea of uninhibited flow that translates to a much responsive and fluid ride. The skateboard features two hub motors in the hide wheels which make it different from the stereotypical belt drive and gear system. You, therefore, have a choice of using it as a traditional skateboard or as an electric skateboard by turning on the motor.

The other hallmarks featured by the skateboard are a swappable battery and a 14-pound figure. The battery can be replaced with the spare battery as you wait for the other to recharge. Other features include a regenerative braking, 10-mile range, and Bluetooth connectivity.


Airwheel M3 Electric Skateboard

A handheld wireless remote controls the Airwheel M3 electric skateboard. Rubber tires make the skateboard wheels which have a combination of built-in damper masses and all-terrain rubber tires that give the riders a 3-in-1benefit. The wheels prevent you from slipping and skidding by offering you more stability. The wheels have a diameter of 7.5 inches that is quite larger than most of the skateboards making it a good option for people going on rough and dirt roads.

The other outstanding feature of the skateboard is that it is bi-directional and thus it can move forward or backward irrespective of the end you are facing. You only require pressing a button and enjoying the fun. It charges for 2 hours and will take you up to 12 miles. Its speed is up to 20mph which is faster than other skateboards. It also features an advanced control which helps you to manage your status and board controls through the mobile phones. Riders will, therefore, have more fun when they connect the board with their smartphones. The board is more adaptive and flexible during the rides. The brakes are more sudden and abrupt, and new riders need to master it before they go on terrains and real roads.


Maxfind New Design Dual Motor Electric Skateboard

Get this skateboard and get the solution for the problematic relationship between electric skateboards and water. The skateboard has an IP65 protection rating where water cannot affect the motor. It weighs 12lbs and is easy for riders to store and carry around. It uses a specific SAMSUNG 18650 lithium ions, and you can be comfortable since the quality is topnotch. The battery increases the overall performance of the skateboard. The design and the size of the board ensure a stable drive, and it can support the riders in various road surfaces. The wheels are strong and sturdy, and you don’t have to change them when you take good care of it.

The charge time performance of the skateboard is excellent. A 1 hour charge time will take you for 12 to 1 miles at a speed of 17 mph. Its branded battery is durable, and you can replace it quite quickly. As much as it has a good record of speed the skateboards tend to slow when going on the uphill and therefore may not be ideal for uphill terrains use. The skateboard can work in different weather conditions and thus a significant investment.



BENCHWHEEL Penny Board 1000W Electric Skateboard

This skateboard is mainly tailored for lightweights and kids. The board is slim and lightweight thus suitable for students and the riders that love lightweight boards. It is portable and easy to store in cars, school and also at work.  A polyurethane wheel supports the board which guarantees smooth rides on rough terrains and stony surfaces. The skateboard is stable and is more powerful compared to other boards with the same features.

BENCHWHEEL skateboard has a 1.5 hours charge time; this will get you up to 7 miles at a 15kph speed meaning that is best suited for use in short distances. It features indicators that show the status of technology like the usage and power. The remote control system is uncomplicated that shows the boards’ current state. The system, however, will not tell you if you have enough battery to continue playing or cruising. This outstanding skateboard is made by combining maple and bamboo making it more eco-friendly and durable.


Atom Electric B.36 Skateboard

If you have a bulky built and lives in hilly parts, then this may be the best skateboard for you. The Atom electric is a heavy duty type of skateboard. It weighs 17lbs and has a motor boosting of 3600-watt, and it’s adaptable to different users and especially those with a hefty size. Another defining feature of the board is the dual belt drive which makes it capable for uphill terrains. It also has a field oriented control which enhances motor performance. The belt drive also makes it ideal for riders with extra weight and terrains.

Some people may see the handle in the middle of the board to be trivial, but the truth is that it makes it more convenient to carry the board around. This skateboard uses 211Wh lithium-ion battery that has a charging time of 3 hours. The quality of the battery guarantees a stable battery performance though it is a little more expensive. The downside of the board is its mileage of 12.5 miles compared to the long charging time. The braking system is regenerative and allows battery saving when you apply the brakes.


KooWheel Electric skateboards

The KooWheel manufacturer of skateboards aims to make boards that are more portable, safe and friendly to the environment. Their principle is to create reliable transportation using less oil. The skateboard is lengthier compared to the traditional skateboards, but this has no adverse effect on the performance.  Its dual 500 watts brushless DC motors boost its speed making it faster compared to other skateboards. It has a record of going up to 27 miles per hour.

A skateboard is a good option for people that love cruising and long travels. The battery can be changed to a spare one in case it runs out. The skateboard weighs 16lbs that a little more cumbersome compared to the others. It is made with a sleek design that makes it more convenient to carry around. One disadvantage of the skateboard is that it has issues with abrupt braking. It sometimes takes time to stop running fully thus making it a severe problem for first-time riders.



Getting the best electric skateboard depends on features that you are comfortable with. Different skateboards have different characteristics and have been built for various purposes. With the above review, you will be able to choose the one that best fits your needs. One major decision you need to make is whether you want the board for fun, off-roading or commuting. When you are aware of the distance you need to cover, you are likely to choose one with your most favorable speed. Have full information of the skateboard and match them with your needs and this way you get the best electric skateboard for you.