Best Electric Shaver for Head

Best Electric Shaver for Head

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Appearances in terms of how people present themselves in the public are a matter of concern to many individuals. The hairstyle spotted by one at a given period determines how that person appears to the other individuals. In most cases, clean-shaven men are viewed with high esteem compared to those with unkempt hair. A bald hairstyle is preferred by many people as a result of different reasons. For instance, this type of hairstyle is probably one of the simplest and can be performed by any person. The other issue is that a bald hairstyle is easy to maintain since you only need to bath your head as usual then apply a certain type of jelly or even ordinary lotion to prevent rush depending on your skin texture.

However, of notable concern, in this case, is the aspect of the type of electric shaver that can be used to achieve the desired results of maintaining a bald and clean-shaven head always. There are numerous electric shavers available in the market, therefore, the choice depends on what you really desire. Some of the electric shavers available are inexpensive while others are expensive but this now depends on the type of the product that you intend to purchase as well as your budget. In most cases, we seek value for money from the products that we buy and this can go a long way in guiding your shopping experience for the best electric shaver for head.

In this review for the best electric shaver for the head, We are going to give a comprehensive review of what we believe can be the best electric shavers for the head you can choose from the market. We have outlined the key features of each electric shaver and other reasons why it is rated as best compared to other market offerings. The main aim is to give you as much information as possible so that you can be in a better position to make an informed decision when you intend to buy an electric shaver for your head.

Different types of electric shavers to use on bald head

Let’s begin by understanding that there are two main types of electric shavers for the head namely foil and rotary. Foil shavers have been around for quite a bit of time as they were first introduced in 1923 by Jacob Schick.  These are made up of metallic foil that draws hair inside closer to the cutting blades. The main advantage of this is that it prevents skin irritation while at the same time it gives a clean bald head shave. The other type is rotary shaver which is comprised of surface blades that are designed to cut hair in a circular motion. The shaver follows the contour of your head and it leaves it bald and clean shaven.


Best Electric Shaver for Head


Bald Eagle

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This is probably the best electric head shaver to many people since it features outstanding features that are designed to give you the best results. Let me begin by listing the key features of this particular type of electric shaver below before I give a detailed explanation of each.

Key Features

  • Five thin rotary blades
  • Portable and handheld to give you firm grip
  • Cordless and can sustain shaving power for 90 minutes
  • Easy to operate and clean using warm water

The handheld Bald Eagle is probably the best electric shaver that was specifically designed for men who specifically want a bald hairstyle. It is portable and comprised of a beautiful stand as well as carry case such that you can easily move around with it when traveling. This electric shaver is easy to operate and you can give your head a clean shave without any problem. It is handheld and easy to operate such that you can easily give your head a quick shave without seeking the assistance of a skilled barber. The other advantage of picking this particular shaver is that it is cordless and it can operate for 90 minutes using power stored in its rechargeable batteries. Therefore, there are no worries of issues related to accessibility to power in the event that you are in some remote area. The battery life span is long enough to sustain you for about two or three head shaves before you recharge this type of electric shaver.



Remington HC4250

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This is a rotary type of electric hair shaver and it is comprised of the following components: Hair trimmers and clippers. It also features the following key components.

  • Cordless, 40 minutes battery lifespan while shaving
  • You have 9 different guard lengths to shave with
  • Carry pouch
  • Easy to operate and hold with a single hand
  • Quick shave with a wide blade
  • Can shave easily the back of your head

This electric shaver is cordless and can operate without being plugged directly to a source of power. This makes it operational even in remote places where there is no readily power available. The other key feature of this particular type of product is that it is portable and easy to carry. On top of that, it comes with a travel pouch that is also very easy to carry from one place to the other. When you are traveling to distant places away from home, there is no need to worry about your head since you can move around with your best electric shaver in your carry bag. The shaver is also easy to operate and it can easily shave the back of your head without any assistance from a professional barber. This is often a challenge to many people such that they end up visiting professional barbers. The other important issue about this particular electric shaver is that its price is affordable. This is real value for money since you are assured of getting a product that will give you satisfaction for less.



Panasonic ES-LV81-K Arc5

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This is a foil type of electric shaver and can be used on both wet and dry skin. This type of shaver offers convenient features that are designed to improve your shaving experience. It is comprised of five blades that move very fast for a fast and accurate head shave. The shaver is comprised of the following key features:

  • Appropriate for both dry and a wet shave
  • Comprised of an automatic cleaning system
  • Comprised of lithium battery with a lifespan of 45 minutes and charges fully in one hour
  • Travel pouch

The large foil blades are designed to give accurate shave for your head depending on its contour. It moves in the direction of the contours of your head to ensure that all hair is removed in a uniform fashion. The machine can be used on both dry and wet surface and it is also characterized by an automatic cleaning system. In other words, the shaver self-cleans the moment its operation is affected by dirt accumulating inside. The shaver is also portable and easy to carry from one place to the other and it also comes with a travel pouch. The other issue is that the shaver is characterized by a lithium battery with a lifespan of 45 minutes. It also recharges fully in just one hour. This implies that you can use this type of shaver away from a direct source of electric power. Even in remote places, you can still have your head clean shaven with relative ease



Braun Series 7 790cc

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This is another foil type of electric shaver and it is renowned for its flexibility. This shaver is ideal for people who may be interested in going for a few days after shaving their heads. The shaver features the following key characteristics:

  • Appropriate for both wet and dry shaves
  • Comprised of rechargeable lithium battery with lifespan of 50 minutes and fully charges within an hour
  • LCD screen
  • Renew system

The foil technology helps this particular shaver to cut both long and short hair uniformly. The shaver is also characterized by Triple Action Cutting System which produces an average of 10,000 micro-vibrations per minute to lift your hair. This device is appropriate to cut hair within a few days of growth and it comes in three different modes namely: Extra Sensitive, Normal, and Sensitive. These modes give you the opportunity to customize the type of shave that you desire depending on the nature of your hair and head. The other notable aspect about this electric shaver is that it is comprised of rechargeable lithium battery with a life span of about 50 minutes. This gives you the opportunity to operate the shaver without directly connecting it to a source of electric power.



Philips Norelco AT810

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This is a rotary type of electric head shaver and it is capable of lifting and cutting short hair to the skin. The shaver is also comprised of the dual precision cutting system that makes it possible to uniformly cut all the hair from your head regardless of its differing lengths. In some cases, people are forced to trim hair that is characterized by differing lengths but this is not the case with the AT810 Philips Norelco version of electric head shaver. It is characterized by the following key features:

  • Appropriate for wet and dry shave
  • Can be cleaned easily under running water
  • Lithium-ion battery that is fully recharged in just an hour
  • 50 minutes battery life span

The main advantage of this shaver is that it can be used on both wet and dry skins. It can also be easily cleaned using running water. The other point that should be taken into account is that this particular shaver is portable and can be safely carried in a travel pouch provided. A rechargeable lithium-ion battery makes this shaver a big plus. It can operate for 50 minutes on power stored in this battery which can again be fully recharged in about one hour.



Philips Norelco PT730

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This is one of the best electric head shavers by virtue of the fact that it is capable of cutting hair that is characterized by inconsistent growth. The dual precision system enables the shaver to uniformly cut hair that is characterized by different lengths. This shaver is characterized by the following features:

Key Features:

  • Cleans easily using running water
  • Fully rechargeable lithium-ion battery within eight hours
  • 45 minutes battery lifespan
  • Three-minute quick charge service
  • Protective cap

The shaver is easy to operate and it is also easy to clean using running water only. With a protective cap and rechargeable lithium-ion battery, you are assured that you can still get your desired bald and clean shave even if you are in remote places where there is no electricity. With a battery lifespan of 45 minutes per shave, you are assured of shaving your head clean until the moment you will be able to recharge your battery again. The electric shaver does not cause any irritation to the skin and it can follow the contours of your head removing all hair in a uniform fashion.



Over and above, it can be noted that there are different types of electric head shavers as discussed in detail above. These are specifically designed for men who prefer bald heads and their greatest advantage is that they are portable and easy to operate. There is no need for one to visit a professional barber since the above shavers are meant for self-use. The shavers outlined above also run on rechargeable lithium-ion batteries which make them usable in the absence of direct electric power. You can easily carry your shaver in the travel pouch provided and operate it wherever you are. However, the prices of each shaver outlined above differ but with this information, it is my hope that you are now in a better position to make an informed decision with regard to purchasing the appropriate electric shaver for your head.

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