Best Electric Guitars for Beginners

Best Electric Guitars for Beginners

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If this is your first time buying a guitar, then you might be feeling overwhelmed with the different options and details you need to consider to help you make the right choice. There are a lot of minor details you need to know about electric guitars if you want to make an informed decision during the purchase. We have tried to assemble a comparative list of some of the best guitars for beginners, with relevant non fluff version of the details, so you know what you need and why.
All the guitars in our list below are made by trustworthy manufacturers, and their designs have had positive reviews over the years. We have kept in mind that the Guitars for beginners need to be affordable since you will need to buy other accessories as well and an amplifier. While, on the other hand, you need to purchase a guitar that is easy to learn.

Below are some of the best electric guitars for beginners that can help you narrow down on the purchasing decision for your own.


Best Electric Guitars for Beginners

Squier Bullet Stratocaster

Squier is a great company that has been producing an outstanding quality of guitars. The Bullet Stratocaster guitar is an ideal option for beginners since it features a great sound, classic American look at an affordable price for beginners. The electric guitar comes with a 21 fret neck which is quite expansive. The C-shaped neck of the guitar is soft making it comfortable for the player. The guitar also comes with an antique hardtail bridge which is a great feature for beginners since it increases the stability of tuning and responsiveness. You can get it in vintage sunburst, black, fiesta red and arctic red. It is also equipped with a tone knob, two volume knobs, and three definitive Strat single coils. The package is great, and beginners can never go wrong with this guitar.

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Yamaha Pacifica Series PAC112V

The Yamaha Company is well known for designing band instruments with a modern look. Their Pacifica Series PAC112V is a great option for starters since it has a tank build and it plays perfectly well. Old guitarists who started with this model will tell you how great it felt and they still keep it to date for sentimental value. The electric guitar is made with a solid alder body which gives the guitarist a similar tonewood with higher end S-style guitars. The diecast tuners and the maple neck will give you a premium feel. The 112 series boosts its value further with Alnico V humbucker and Alnico V single coil. The humbucker in the position of the bridge opens several tune choices for the musician. They both give options for both a high, thick output and clean, crisp single coil sounds humbucker grows. This electric guitar is also made with an antique tremolo bridge which comes with a block of a saddle. The guitarist is, therefore, able to introduce the tremolo when playing and this increases the tuning stability. You can get it in various colors like a yellow natural stain, silver, metallic red and sonic blue.

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Epiphone Les Paul SL

This is another amazing electric guitar for beginners which will only cost a few hundred bucks. You might not be able to get a match of this guitar in the market in terms of quality and affordability. Some of the things that make it an ideal option for beginners are the awesome playability and sound features equipped in the guitar. The fact that the guitar has a bolt of neck with branded single coil pickups makes it a cool choice compared to other Les Paul standard humbuckers. The electric guitar’s body is designed with a rosewood fingerboard and a maple neck. The general playability, finish, and fit of the guitar are top notch. The Epiphone’s guitar features a reliable tone and volume knob, tune-o-matic bridge and a three-way selector switch which you can use to dial in the tone and buckle your pickups. The hardware may give the player a cheap feel, but it is generally well set up and well designed for a starter. You can choose from different available color options which are heritage cherry burst, vintage sunburst, standard black, pacific blue, turquoise and natural sun yellow.

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Squier Affinity Stratocaster Pack

The Squier electronic guitar is a great instrument for beginners since it has the classic style, playability and looks that a starter guitarist may be looking for. If you are starting up to play this guitar, you will need some things such as a case, a strap, and a small practice app among others. This guitar comes up with an all-inclusive pack which includes a fulcrum based tremolo which helps the guitarist to add some depth when playing, a five-way selector switch with all the options of a classic strat and three single coil pickups for a clear, bright and crisp sound among others. It has a high and perfect amplification, and you can connect the guitar to the amp with the instrument cable included in the package. Some other applications you get in the package are an instrumental DVD, a pick sampler, a guitar strap, a gig bag and an electronic tuner which helps you to have the right sound at all times.

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Ibanez GRGR120EX

The make of this guitar was inspired by the rock years of the glammy 80d and thus an ideal option for players who wish to be a real metalhead. The guitar’s body is made with a slick black bidding and a solid alder. It is equipped with a double fantastic high output which will respond perfectly to distortion and overdrive pedals. The sharp black hardware and Ibanez sharktooth inlays give the GRGR120EX guitar a fantastic look. The jumbo frets feature an extra room used for shredding. This is a great feature since the electric guitar plays quite smooth and fast.

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Before you buy an electronic guitar for beginners, it is crucial you know the exact reason why you need it. Also, consider if you will be want to upgrade soon or you will be using it for some time. Irrespective of your budget, you should be able to get a suitable electric guitar for you. The guitars discussed in the above review had cool looks, better quality build, better sound quality, affordable and they are also durable. The guitars are ideal for beginners, and they will motivate and inspire them to grow as a guitarist. Also, consider the size of the guitar depending on the player. For instance, if the guitar is for a child, then they will need a guitar fit for their small hands.

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