Best Electric Fireplace

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A fireplace makes your living room romantic and warm. On top of bringing the heat you need in your room, an electric fireplace adds style and elegance. When you get ready to buy an electric fireplace, you will find several types to choose from. The best electric fireplace is the one that fits your requirement. Some of the things you should focus on include, electric consumption, power, features, brand, design, and reviews from previous buyers. This review will give you information on some of the best electric fireplaces that will save your money. Different brands differ in beauty, functionalities, features, and quality. Your needs and your budget will direct you to get the best electric fireplace.

Best Electric Fireplace

Dimplex BLF50 Wall Mount

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This Dimplex electric fireplace is a practical and beautiful way of adding heat to your house. You should not have any safety worries about this fireplace since it is wall mounted. It is therefore not dangerous for small children or pets the flames look so realistic and are ideal for your guests in the house. This heater is 100% since all energy it gets is converted to heat. You can keep the heater off when you are not in need of additional heat in your room. You can turn the heat off and leave the flames on for beauty. This display is attractive, enjoyable and soothing to watch. The heater is lightweight and quite easy to install on the wall. You can do the installation all by yourself. If you need to move from one room or house to the other, it will be easy to remove the fireplace. Be ensured that this option will bring modern characteristics to your house and this makes it among the most preferred electric fireplace in the modern houses.

Napoleon EFL50H Wall Mount

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This is an Azure linear fireplace made with a design that you can mount on the wall. The electric fireplace creates an attractive and daring centerpiece in your house. On top of providing you with an attractive lighting, the fireplace also produces heat that keeps your room warm and toasty during the winter season. It features led flames and this is one thing that impresses the users. The user is at liberty to choose whatever color that wants for the flames and thus you can choose one that rimes with your home d├ęcor. You first choose the base of the fire which can either be logs or crystals or then choose your desired color. The heater is quiet even when on. You will, therefore, be able to read a book or watch TV without any distractions from the electric fireplace. The fact that the fireplace parts can be replaced when they get damages gives a sense of security to the buyers. This is one great advantage since there are other fireplaces that are impossible or very expensive to fix. Napoleon has been in the market for long enough. The brand name is great and it is known for its high-quality stuff.

Cartwright Convertible

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This is a convertible electric fireplace is a great fireplace that brings its authentic and attractive feature with its traditional looks in your room. It is made with a high quality operation and great features making it ideal for your home. The flames in the fireplace are multicolored and they dance like real flames. The visual effects and the burning logs that are lifelike make the fireplace to have a more realistic look. The fireplace interior has brickwork look finish makes the fireplace more amazing. The user is free to add lighting to their desired illumination. The multimedia mantel of the fireplace gives you a place to place a TV screen of up to 43.5 inches and 85lbs. The mantel is surrounded with dark colored tile flames with earthy qualities.

Duraflame DFS-550-21-BLK Stove

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This is a stove looking electric fireplace which adds a traditional and authentic look to your home. It has a stove like design without ventilation and cleaning space. The electric fireplace produces around 4600 BTU which is ideal for a 400 square feet room. There is no cost of installation required since the electric fireplace is freestanding. This fireplace is durable, safe, and strong and has an authentic look since its housing is made of metal. On top of it, the fireplace is equipped with a working handle and a full operation door. You can see the logs and the realistic angina flames via the viewing window at the door. The pulsating ember on the log bed makes it look even more realistic. You can enjoy the view of the fireplace without turning on the heat function if you do not need it. The outside of the stove is always cool even when the fireplace is on. It is also equipped with an overheat protection for safety against fire and preventing it from being damaged.

Touchstone Sideline Recessed

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During the winter seasons, you will need a fireplace that will keep you warm without fail. This electric fireplace gives the user the ability to choose between low and high heat. You can put the fireplace on a high heat when you are cold and later turn the heat to low when you get enough heat. The remote control that comes along with the fireplace enables you to make any changes right at the comfort of your sofa. There are five different types of flames from a blazing glow to an amber glow with a soft look. You get maximum comfort from the faux logs and a lovely cozy feel from the glowing flame. The electric fireplace features a timer which you can set the time you need it to be on. You can set any time between half an hour and 71/2 hours. The fireplace can heat a room of 400 square feet.


Electric fireplaces are beneficial during the winter seasons and during cold seasons. On top of getting a warm and cozy feel during cold months, fireplaces add a stylish look to your home. With the above list, the search for the best electric fireplace that will fit your needs has been made easy. Apart from the style and the function consider the wattage and the square footage of your room. The above electric fireplaces produce seductive ambiance and are quite aesthetic. Whichever option you pick will leave you satisfied.

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